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A place to learn more about what you're feeling, why you're feeling it and where to get help. Mentally Fit is a free app for you to get support and resources from people who really get it.

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Our Mission

Don't fight your
mental health problems alone

The truth is, you’re not alone. Mentally Fit makes it easy for you to ask for help. Whether you want to find a trained professional to discuss your mental health or find support from someone experiencing the same challenges as you, our app makes it easy to share and seek help in a safe, secure space.

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Founders Like You

Meet The Team

Honestly, we built this app for us and people like us. People who don’t have top notch insurance and access to high quality care whenever they need it. Not everyone can afford weekly therapy, but at the very least, everyone deserves support.

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What people are saying

Our Community Members

An incredible source of support

Mentally Fit has had a major impact on my recovering from a relapse into depression & has helped me so much in the areas of feeling like I'm in a sympathetic & empathetic community.

/ / Mentally Fit Member

A safe space to share their struggles and thoughts without fear of judgment

I don't remember how I found the Mentally Fit Group" online, I think I just one day stumbled onto it but boy was I glad I did.

/ / Mentally Fit Member

Professional team of specialists and passionate mentors at reach

I love being part of this group as everyone has issues in life just about the same as each other so there is no judgement put out there about your feelings or resentment.

Debbie B.
/ / Mentally Fit Member
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