Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Explained

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping is an accupuressure technique that helps people that use it become connected with their body when they are experiencing physical effects of trauma. This has a calming and stress-reducing effect for the person applying the method.

EFT Tapping Experts EXPLAIN...

​Sandra Schwartz​

I run a private practice that focuses mainly on Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT. I use them individually or a combined approach depending on what works best for each individual client.

One of my main goals with a client is always to give them tools that they can easily use in everyday life. EFT is made for this!

EFT (Tapping) involves tapping lightly on specific acupressure points while simultaneously speaking about the issue at hand out loud. The combination of the two sends a message to the amygdala in the brain.

 The amygdala is the part of the brain that controls our fight or flight response and most importantly, the emotions that go with it. So, imagine you live in cave man times… you see a tiger…the amygdala receives a signal, the fight or flight response kicks in (in this case lets hope flight) and you rush back into a cave safe and sound. Now think about what happens next. You calm down, the amygdala receives the message of safety and the body emotionally goes back to it’s original state. Well, we aren’t in cave man days anymore. So instead of the tiger let’s think of this scenario… You oversleep, you are running late to work, now there’s traffic…you don’t get to go into the cave and reset. The pace of life has dramatically changed, but our brain has not evolved to handle that. What this leads to is being in a semi constant to constant state of fight or flight. We pile stress upon stress upon stress.

Doing EFT deliberately sends a message to the brain that it’s safe to let go of these emotions and move through.I use EFT for any issue you can imagine. I use it for physical pain, for fears and phobias, addiction, motivation and more. If there is an emotional component to what a client wants to address, and there always is, then EFT can help. I especially like to use it with kids and teens.

I see a lot of kids with school and test related stress. What’s so wonderful about it is that they can do it on their own when they need it. 

For little kids, I usually give them a teddy bear with the points and they can tap the bear while a parent taps them until they learn. I’ve taught children as young as three years old. That child was wetting the bed and after two nights of EFT before bed, the habit was gone. While I do recommend EFT to all of my clients, there are times that I don’t recommend they do it alone because it can bring up past memories. If I see signs of this while teaching and working with the client, I will have them hold off on working with it on their own.

Katie Ziskind, LMFT

I help anxious kids, depressed teens, and distant parents through art, yoga, and animal therapies along with talking.

Emotional freedom technique or EFT is a great way to instantly reduce anxiety. By tapping on your skin on various, but specific points, you can lower your stress response. In addition, when you tap, you repeat a mantra or positive affirmation that allows you to overcome the stressful experience you are in. For example, your mantra might be: “Even though I am stressed about applying for college, I am calm and at peace in this moment.”

With every point on your body that you tap, you repeat this phrase three times. Make your phrase personalized, so if you’re stressed out about your marriage, or stressed out about a new job, make a mantra all yours. Always start with, “Even though I’m stressed about (blank issue), I am confident and calm.” EFT has been used with veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, victims of sexual abuse and rape, and overall people who want better stress management skills through holistic support.

Jennifer Sutton, at What If Wellness

As the owner of What If Wellness, my focus is helping people find and address personal challenges that are keeping them from living fully into their potential and their joy. I use a unique combination of tapping, brain training, laughter, and movement to help people move toward who they want to be, how they want to feel, and what they’d really love to do.

EFT Tapping consists of a process of tapping on acupuncture points on the body and face/head while using words to describe feelings or ideas that you want to address. This process quickly shifts your energy system and brain function toward more positive states. Normally you start by tapping out what you don’t want (pain,fear, etc.) and then tapping in what you do want (joy, adventure, peace, freedom from pain, etc.).

When used correctly, the combination of tapping while focusing on the feeling in your body and also saying words related to that feeling (and/or the related belief) actually changes your brain in ways that support improved mental health. In my work, I enhance the impact of the tapping by adding brain training questions that open the brain to filter information differently. 

I also add laughter and body movement to maximize brain receptivity to learning and transforming. Tapping helps with most mental health and physical challenges. I personally have used it to help clients shift out of and/or greatly reduce the experience of depression, anger,self-doubt, anxiety, self-sabotage, insomnia, emotional eating, physical pain, long-term traumatic memories, and much more.

I highly recommend it as it has quickly, easily, and gently helped shift my own life and the lives of hundreds of people I've served toward more peace, joy, and success.

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