15 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money as a Therapist

Are you a therapist or counselor in need of some extra income? We asked over 50,000 therapists in our Therapist Toolbox Community what their favorite ways to make extra income are. Here's a list of the top answers from the group. Which one of these would you try?

#1 Take Up a Side Hustle! 

Candle making, tutoring, teaching...I am a certified group fitness instructor and am working on my personal trainer certification. 

Therapy and fitness are like peanut butter and jelly!

#2 Teach Classes and Side Hustle

I teach DWI INTERVENTION, sell used cars, and paint houses and commercial buildings (previous profession).

#3 Host a Self Development Book Club

I run a self development book club! I do a suggested donation of $20 per book club. So far every person has been amazing and paid! In feb I wanted partners to come so I did suggest donation of $20 for the first person and $5 if your partner comes.

I have thought about straight up charging but I love the idea of choice, since it’s not might main source of income and it’s a fun thing for myself.

Depending on the size of the group- I hold them in my office. It’s open to public and anyone can come. I love the idea of being in my office to make a counseling place “safe and enjoyable” I am in private practice though so this is easier for me to do. I have also had bigger groups and held them at other locations.

For example- a local chiropractic office has a big space for hosting groups so I’ve done it there. I’ve considered outside as well

#4 Sell Books, Journals and Workbooks on Amazon

I created a journal focused on self-love & self-care! Here's an example from a member.

Learn More about how to sell on Amazon.

#5 Become an Adjunct Professor.

Many colleges are looking for adjunct faculty to teach their social work, human services, or counseling courses. The preference is for therapists who can bring their world experience to the classroom. I started at a community college and I now teach at a four-year institution.

If you look into higher education jobs, there is a demand for adjunct faculty to either teach classes online or in-person. I teach both in-person and online courses. In many higher education institutions, there are more adjunct faculty than full-time faculty. 

#6 Offer Adoptive Home Interviewing & Home Study

I just took a SAFE Training for Adoptive home interviewing and home study. It was a 16 hour 2-Day course, and I am now certificated in it and can work independently as a consultant and Home Study worker on the side.

Take the training here (no license required).

#7 Caregiver, Coach, Counseling, Case Management

I am working on balancing my life as a caregiver and coach as my main income. My day off from caregiving, I will do counseling, clinical case/care management.

I plan to meet people out in the community. After these support groups and feedback from others, I am creating a life I want and still help people in a variety of ways.

#8 Psych Evaluations for Immigration Cases

Not necessarily on the side - but learning how to offer psych evaluations for immigration law cases is a great revenue generator. I am an immigration attorney and would encourage you to visit immigrationevals.org

#9 Run a Probation Group

I ran a probation group for my local jail for adolescents

#10 Become a DOT/SAP Provider

They have them in every state (Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professionals). The pay is great too. Here’s a link: https://www.transportation.gov/odapc/sap

#11 Grocery Shopping for Instacart

I do Instacart. It's great quick money and I love grocery shopping. It’s not hourly. It’s based on how big the order is. It will show you the batches listed at which stores and you can select which ones you want. Once you get it down you can get pretty good on knowing where things are and check quick. The tips are where it’s at! I make most of my money in tips.

#12 Teach Yoga

I also am a yoga teacher on the side and involve somatic therapy into my sessions.

#13 Host Virtual Summits

I'm interviewing experts in the medical advocacy areas. This builds up my email list and the experts with warm leads of those interested in the topic area. If done correctly, you can easily add over 1000 warm leads to your list. After the summit, then follow up with a free strategy session and/or coaching offers. 

#14 Write Content for Blogs, Sublet, Workshops, Retreats, Courses

Writing content for other therapists, holding a vision board workshop, subletting offices, Reiki, mindset for business owners workshops, couples retreats, parenting online course

#15 Become a Supervisor, Increase Your Telehealth Presence

Get a supervisory license and supervise some interns/provisional licensees. Going rate per supervision session with a student is usually the reasonable hourly rate for a therapy session.

Depending on where you live, consultation may be in demand (e.g., large employers, school districts, etc.). Also, telehealth is huge right now given the COVID crisis (and will likely be a need well into the future, especially in rural communities with low numbers of providers).

You have to license in the state where the client resides, but many therapists have started seeing clients across their states and have picked one or two others.

Programs like doxy.me offer excellent encryption.